About Kagetsu

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photograph Credit:  Oliver Illi - Whalers Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Photograph Credit:  Oliver Illi - Whalers Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica.

I am an Australian fine-art nature photographer residing in Melbourne, however I consider myself a citizen of the world, travelling constantly to take in and capture the scenes, moments and emotional connections that I encounter from this amazing planet. My work is a collection of the journeys I have made particularly to remote locations; these obscure places draw me in for the challenge they pose, as well as to be able to tell their stories. I enjoy being able to bring these images home and make these extraordinary scenes available to my audience.

My work is often wide to ultra-wide natural landscape panoramas, printed as a large format image, which allows my works to be viewed with some of the enormity of the landscape, and detail that I saw before me when taking the photo. Another aspect of my work is in capturing the animal subjects and human impact within the landscapes that I visit. These are an important element of the places I visit: they are the barometer of the environment, the culture and the attitudes towards each.

I enjoy working in challenging environments such as in Antarctica, Iceland or the Atacama, and don't mind the punishment required to take photographs in them. Often, the more effort that went into capturing the image, the more the image will speak to me. I strive to adjust my methods and artistic style as each location touches me in a new way, and teaches me to take new perspective.