After a year of planning, I'm pleased to welcome everybody to this new website dedicated to my adventures, and the photographs I've taken along the way. It's wonderful that you've come here to share in my experiences.

A huge thank you must go to my wife, Tamsin, without whom this website may likely have never existed and my photos would have probably continued cluttering my home and those of close relatives.

In addition to this website launch, I'm also pleased to announce my first solo exhibition for my Antarctica series. This has been a series I've worked on for many years, and I'm pleased to finally be able to show the scenes I've captured while in the most amazing place I've ever been.

Many of these works, and more, are available to view in the Collections page, and to purchase as well in the Purchase page. All prints are limited runs of 100 and printed on high quality archival paper with the option of framing.

If you're in the Melbourne area during late July, I invite you to visit the exhibition at Voltaire Gallery, North Melbourne. Details may be found in the Upcoming Events section.

Kagetsu Buic.

Kagetsu Buic