New Trip - The Atacama Desert, Chile

I am very excited to announce my next international photography expedition: in July I will be visiting the Atacama desert in Chile. The Atacama is the driest non-polar desert in the world, receiving just 15mm of rain per year. It is an incredibly vast area of desert with salt flats on either side of the altiplano - the mountains that reach up to a (literally) breath-taking 6887m. While in the summer the heat is inescapable, in winter it is numbingly cold, with temperatures ranging between 4 and -20 degrees each day.

So why go to such an inhospitable place? This will be my second time in Chile (two brief stops in Santiago on my way to and from Antarctica), but my first time to the Atacama. The scale and variation of the landscape look amazing, and I can't wait to see it, and shoot it, for myself. Despite the freezing temperatures, parts of the Atacama are a constant home to flamingoes. The elusive viscacha and the protected vicuna are also high on the list of animals I hope to spot, along with the desert fox, however the mountains, colours and even penitentes (snow formations) excite my photographer's brain.

Looking forward to coming back and writing all about it!

Kagetsu Buic