Updates including Website Update, NZ Expedition, and Studio B Gallery

It’s been a long time, it’s funny how time flies when you become a parent, and finishing a degree. While parenting is only set to get more complicated the older my son, Hunter grows… The complexity of tackling that while also completing a degree in mechanical engineering, and running a new business (more below) should ease now that the degree is finished and the business is starting to run smoothly. This should allow more time in the future to push more photography related adventures along with the family.

New website is now live.

While the old website was mostly fine, it used old Squarespace templates that required lots of tinkering to achieve the look I desired, and would fall short when I wanted to change something around. This led to my need to find a better solution… Also I wanted a new look, so here it is!

With an improved layout, the website is simplified where it needs to be (ie, the galleries) and more advanced now in the way of purchasing products from me. I’m slowly adding ability to purchase goods online from my small sample prints to my full sized collectors edition prints. More functionality is to come. If you’ve been here with the old site, not a lot of new content has been added, but the feel has been streamlined.

New NZ trip planned.

This new years will be my first international trip with my young family, and I could hardly pass up the opportunity to explore more of the south island than I have before, including taking photographs. Some should be online within a month, some will require a little more time.

Studio B Gallery.

As mentioned, we’ve started a business, and that is a Gallery in Prahran. As such, it’s only fitting that I be represented by the gallery, and as such you can see my photographic pieces along with many other talented artists there. The address is 509 High Street, Prahran.

Kagetsu Buic