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ANTARCTICA - Solo Exhibition at Gallery Voltaire


This is Kagetsu Buic's first solo exhibition, showcasing a collection of works from Antarctica.

For those expecting a wall of white, be prepared to be stunned with a display of colours. From the elongated sunsets and rises bathing its landscape in golden light, to the surprisingly-lush green and orange mosses against the volcanic, black mountain sides to the incredible azures of the icebergs - this collection will excite the inner explorer as well as challenge preconceptions of what really makes up the elusive continent of Antartica. 

Amongst the wild babble of penguins and perilously freezing waters of Antarctica, Kagetsu Buic's images show the hidden tranquility of the moment, enticing its audience to linger within the juxtaposition. 

Gallery Voltaire
14 Raglan Street, North Melbourne

Opening night:
6pm Thursday the 20th of July, 2017. Come and enjoy some wine and cheese and immerse yourself in the dreamy landscapes of Kagetsu Buic.

Closing night:
6pm Sunday the 30th of July, 2017. Be a part of the festivities as we close the exhibition on a high note - of course with refreshments. 


All Kagetsu Buic images are limited run, signed, and are available for purchase throughout the exhibition.     |